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To simplify your search for reliable wholesale herbal incense, I made compilation of some trusted online distributors and marketers for you. This list is made very comprehensive and precise. It is imperative to say that I have no affiliations and attachments whatsoever with any of these websites.

  1. Legal Herbal Bud

LegalHerbalBud.com is a Veteran when it comes to Herbal Incense. All of their products are lab tested and 100% legal in all 50 States! They also provide FREE RUSHED SHIPPING with tracking via USPS! They hand pick only the most super strong potent blends that is supplied by only the top manufacturers in 2015! They have the cheapest prices around and provides fast FREE SHIPPING with tracking! Some of their most popular herbal incense products include: Bizarro, Scooby Snax, Geeked Up, Joker, Mad Hatter and more. They are not only a official online store but also one of the few brick and mortar wholesale stores remaining! They have great YouTube Reviews from customers like you and provides the best customer service around! They are a verified seller and accept all major credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express. Check them out and see why they are rated #1! Visit Legal Herbal Bud

  1. Herbal Empire

HERBAL-EMPIRE.COM – Verified Seller offering USA made, Premium Grade Herbal Incense that’s 100% Legal in all 50 States! Very Competitive pricing, if not the best for the quality you get.
CREDIT CARDS – Credit Cards accepted including: Visa and Mastercard
SHIPPING – 2 day priority shipping. Free Shipping for all orders over $100
CUSTOMER SERVICE – Top rate customer service with very quick responses via Email and/or text
POPULAR BRANDS – 4g bags- only $22.99, 10g bags – only $39.99, All the major Brand names including Bizarro, Platinum Caution, Scooby Snax, WTF, Joker, Sexy Monkey, Smacked, Mad Hatter, OMG, King Kong and more

  1. Incense Fire

INCENSEFIRE.COM – #1 Herbal Medicine Shop — incensefire.com are artisans of the Herbal industry. Their products are among the strongest blends available, they are the manufacturer.☆ It’s 100% legal in all 50 states ☆. They are 1 of the 5 Original herbal incense stores. They also Offer TOTALLY free expedited shipping with tracking. They are one in a few who actually have a physical locations, one in New York and one in Florida. They are located In new York City, Manhattan . They are 100% Premium Verified sellers . They offer free domestic shipping and international shipping at a very cheap price. They have countless positive reviews from happy People all over the United States and some international even. They give away the biggest weekly discounts on the web. IF you call you will speak to very friendly costumer service. Don’t be shy to call or text they love to help. They have over 100 products on there mega online store. They accept all motor major credit and debit cards they even accept gift cards. Physical appointments are now being accepted.

  1. Si Products Inc

Si Products Inc, Great Herbal Blend deals check out packages on 50 packs, just 10$ a pack. Overnight delivery available both usps and ups. Awesome prices on Killer Monkey, Bling Bling Monkey, Gold Caution and many more.

  1. Herbal Mayhem

Herbal Mayhem is one of the oldest and most trusted Herbal Incense Sites on the Internet. We’ve been in business satisfying customers since 2010. We offer discount pricing on quantities of 3 or more on most products, and have some of the lowest prices around. We ship to all 50 states, offer priority shipping for customer who just have to have our Herbal Incense right now, and accept Visa! We carry a complete line of your favorites including Scooby Snax, Caution, Bizarro, AK 47, Mad Hatter, Joker etc. Plus you can now place your order on your smart phone or tablet, our new site design is Mobile Friendly




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